New STX Wallet shows 0 STX after opening with 24 word Phrase

Good day

Have succesfully downloaded the new STX wallet and opened it with the 24 word phrase tht was used to issue my previous wallet (set up in Nov 2020). However the new wallet shows a balance of zero STX. The previous wallet has a balance of 855 STX.
Is there a waiting period in order for this balance to appear or I’m having a different ptoblem ?

Very grateful for your assistance in this matter

Are you recovering your wallet with the Hiro desktop wallet, or the Hiro web wallet?

You should check the Stacks Explorer for the address you originally created. Are there funds listed there? Can you share a screenshot of the wallet you’ve created?

Hello.Screenshot 2021-08-16 094833 Screenshot 2021-08-16 094609 Screenshot 2021-08-16 093913

Many thanks your reply. The new wallet is a desktop wallet. Enclosing screenshot of new wallet. Also enclosing screenshots of the previous version of the wallet. Have checked the explorer with the original address and the 855 STX are listed there.


You’ve downloaded the testnet version of the wallet, so this is expected behaviour (and it’s a really old version from before our mainnet release in January).

But that’s good news. You just need to download the mainnet version of the wallet instead. Release Stacks Wallet v4.4.0 · blockstack/stacks-wallet · GitHub

You need the one named stacks-wallet.mainnet.v4.4.0.exe

Hello. All sorted and newly installed mainnet wallet showing full STX balance.
Many thanks for your assistance

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