New potential Blockstack use case to explore

First of all, I’m a Blockstack newbie so please assume little knowledge about the platform on my side.

I have started a new job for an interesting company based in the UK that provides a mobile phone payments solution that allows people, even with old style (not smart phones) to buy stuff using the balance on their phone (e.g… top up) account. This is a good solution for people in countries where most people don’t have bank account or simply don’t want to use their debit/credit cards online. The technical architecture that handles this is very centralised and monolithic, which all the problems that brings. Very large throughput is involved with 24 x 7 x 365 operational window.

The idea I would like to explore is to use Blockstack to replace the centralised store of transactions. However, the first and biggest part of the solution would still be using the mobile phone network/provider to handle those transactions from their mobile phone users. The difference from the current centralised/monolithic architecture would be that the mobile phone companies could adapt their current transaction interface to my company’s payment service toward using a Blockstack interface. The main potential advantage I could see from this would be that the payments service company I work for wouldn’t need to store Terabytes of data in a single database and could, perhaps, just transact the payments leaving the data on Blockstack? The gotcha might be that there is a 500 ms limit on turning transactions around?

If the above is a practical use case for Blockstack, would there be a practical solution on the Data Warehouse side of things for management information, reporting, etc? Currently there is replication setup to copy transactions to a data warehouse servers and, this on it’s own is a major workload with many difficulties involved. How could the transactional data stored forever on Blockstack be efficiently interfaced with in an ETL paradigm for normal management information functions?

Sorry, I hope I didn’t use too many words?!