New on-boarding

Much improved on-boarding. A couple of items I’ve noticed that may also assist in the on-boarding experience are;

  1. Reduce the friction of re-entering user credentials upon installation. It would be nice to notify or state to the user that they will be required to re-enter possible user credentials upon updating their app. It was a bit jarring to click update and then be presented with a screen to re-enter my credentials that I’ve already entered once before. As a regular user, I would have just gone back to work. As a super power user, I totally get it and will go through the steps but would be helpful and nice to know ahead of time. Manage user expectations.

  2. It said to enter my “Blockstack ID password” to migrate my ID to the new browser. This wording could be confusing as in the past it was called a “Blockstack ID keychain password.” As some users have multiple ID’s. Suggest just having a simple, [ i ] or [ ? ] icon for information where the user can hover of the icon for more information on wording or jargon if it has changed. It will allow for the user to be informed of latest wording or jargon.

Other than these items. They experience was great. Still having major issues with my but that will require a bit of additional work I imagine.


Just out of curiosity @guylepage3, what major issues are you having with your id? You’ve piqued my interest…

It’s just a transfer issue… Long outstanding on my end I believe…

How long have you faced this issue?
And do you think the issue is with a transfer limit or something?