New logo for Stacks Governance Working Group

Hey everyone!

We’ve been circulating some new logo ideas for the Stacks Governance Working Group (stacksgov), and they will be used with GitHub and on any materials developed by the group.

For a little background, the original logo below was inspired by a jdenticon and a complementary color value to the original Blockstack branding.

Current Logo

Now that we have the new Stacks brand guidelines, we also wanted to redesign this logo into something more in line with the metaverse and the general Stacks ecosystem as part of this GitHub issue.

Big shout out to Tony Rengel for the connection and Travis Milam for the designs. There are 5 options to choose from in this survey - and I promise it’s a quick one!

Everyone is encouraged to weigh in, and voting will be open until the next governance meeting on 2021/05/13.