New Idea - Voting Identity


We have a serious problem with voting fraud here in Michigan. There are irregularities in many forms that are just now being uncovered. Stats I Helped With In Sidney Powell’s Michigan Kraken – William M. Briggs

I personally worked at a Voting Poll this year and saw first hand the following:

  1. People allowed to vote using a credit card as their ID.
  2. People allowed to vote using a passport (no address) on their ID.
  3. People receiving 2 voting ballots. This was caught 3x … we don’t know how many we did not catch.

In addition, we have multiple friends that received 2 and as many as 4 voting ballots by mail. We also had friends that received voting ballots for deceased family members or for people who previously lived / owned their house.

The democracy of our State and Country is of a higher calling than this. This is the abomination of our system and values we all hold to be true.

Blockchain would seem like an obvious fit here. It’s open for all to see and it’s encrypted so your privacy is protected.

My questions are:

  1. Could we assign a digital code just like we assign codes for people creating Bitcoin accounts?
  2. Could we call it a Voting Coin?
  3. Could we secure it so it can only be used 1x per candidate or proposal?
  4. Could we make sure that only people living here in Michigan receive this Voting Coin? A registration / proof of residency process?
  5. Could we create a Ballot?
  6. Could we create a start and stop time on when the Voting Coin could be used?
  7. Could we show an open continuously updated count as each individual vote is cast by Voting precinct, by County?

It just seems to me that this would save an immense amount of time, money, and stress as well as remove the opportunity for all the issues we are dealing with now. Our Supreme Court may decide who are next President will be… and this is absurd that we don’t have an open forum where everyone can see every vote and know with 100% certainty that there is no cheating or fraud. If we don’t have this, what the heck do we have?

Please let me know if you have questions… I’m open to however you think this would work best with BlockStack.