New Idea for App

As a non-technical person, I have struggled to how best describe what I’m wanting to achieve. So, instead of doing this technically, I’ll describe what my intentions are and desired end result the best I can.

My desired outcome is to generate more opportunity for the people and children of my State, Michigan. We have a slogan here called Pure Michigan. We love it because it represents a vast amount of our people, they’re pure. They are pure in heart living in a beautiful state with a lot of pure water, small towns, large cities, beautiful coasts, lands all in two peninsulas.

My thought was to create a PURE MICHIGAN COIN. As I understand, digital money / coins, there are a number of ways Digital Coins can create value. Bitcoin is its own form of money and has several advantages in utility, storage, etc. Makr and Dai, as I understand it, are Coins pegged to the $US Dollar whereby they can be used as credit and generate interest for others… correct me if I’m wrong here.

So, back to my desired outcome to generate opportunity for the people in Pure Michigan.

Opportunities Defined - Our people have a desire to better themselves including:

  1. Education - an interest in obtaining an education in a valued area they have a passion and skills in so that they can earn and grow more as individuals.
  2. A Home - an investment and a place to live where it’s safe and a peaceful place for their families.
  3. A Business - an investment and a calling to enter into a service or product producing entity based on their passions, skills, and interest.
  4. Investment - a Return on their Investment
  5. Services - we all need various types of services to live productive lives.

All of these opportunities require a form of money that is valued by those giving and those receiving it. The $US Dollar is what everyone values, however, the Treasury and Federal Reserve have and are planning to continue to print dollars at a scale we have never experienced. These $US Dollars are going to flow heavily into the Stock Market. Inflation and a devaluing of the $US Dollar will continue a faster scale that what we have experienced in the past. This is one of the major contributors to driving up the price of Gold and Bitcoin to higher levels. Many of our people in Michigan do not understand this… they have no idea that the $US Dollars they hold in their hands will be worth less the next year.

My belief is we need to fix this… and incentive people to use money that will hold or increase it’s value. I also want to incentive the Pure Michigan people to invest in the people of this State…especially for our poor, our uneducated, our people with the greatest & special needs.

So how best to do this…

  1. To create our own Pure Michigan Coin that holds or increases its value like Gold and has all the values of utility, divisibility, transportability, durability, and cannot counterfeit.
  2. To have savings so our people can gain interest for storing their money in it.
  3. To allow Pure Michigan people to borrow loans it with a fair interest rate.
  4. To Allow our people to use it as a credit card … paying a fair interest rate.
  5. To use a portion of the interest to feed and house the poor, provide for our people with special needs, and those that are hurting from abuse.
    • I like the idea of the open community where the participants can select the places for these funds to go to…
  6. To provide awards similar as credit cards or American Express cards to our people who use the Michigan Coin in their purchases with a higher award for Michigan Made Products / Made in Michigan.

Technically - I haven’t a clue on how to do this… I do like the idea of pegging the Pure Michigan Coin to Gold. Our people would have an opportunity to stave off inflation and have a valued asset in their accounts.

Please let me know your thoughts on how best to move this forward….