New documentation for micro-stacks

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to pop in and share my new docs site for `micro-stacks:


For those who don’t know, micro-stacks is a collection of packages that are an alternative to stacks.js. micro-stacks has a strict focus on minimal dependencies and compatibility with modern frontend tooling.

The core micro-stacks package only has 2 dependencies, and those dependencies have none. micro-stacks will work out-of-the-box in all modern bundlers and frameworks like vite, skypack, parcel, svelte, etc.

micro-stacks has also been audited recently by the firm CoinFabrik and no major issues were found. The audit will be included in the repo when we release v1.0.0 (coming very soon).

We have deep framework integrations with React, with dedicated Svelte and Vue bindings coming very soon!

Some helpful links:

This site and docs are considered living documents, so I’m always open to any feedback or suggestions for new content.