New decentralized internet build on old foundations?

First of all I’m a big fan of this initiative and I think that you are working in the right direction.

I have been designing complex systems running on-prem and cloud native for a while and I would love to see new decentralized internet. I read technical whitepaper and found following challenges unsolved:

  1. application hosting - applications are still going to be hosted on a few “centralized” platforms (i.e. netlify); I hope that you plan to implement some kind of peer to peer decentralized hosting solution for applications in the future,
  2. classical DNS servers - to “find” an application you use old “centralized” DNS servers; this is connected to the point about hosting - in order to create decentralized internet you should address this issue,
  3. support for mobile devices - I think that you should provide browser for mobile devices as soon as possible; I am sure that you have this point on your road-map, in my opinion this is mandatory for mass adoption of blockstack.

@muneeb I would love to get your thoughts on above points. Once again - I’m a big fan of this initiative!

Great points, id also love to hear responses to this.

  1. There is runkod that uses the gaia storage for app hosting. Have a look at
  2. I started a BNS lookup service at using the DIF foundation standard for linking blockstack ids and domain names. See Towards App launch via BNS for more discussions
  3. There is an early POC for Android here: