New Account, Can't Verify twitter, facebook, github


Twitter -
Github -

I already hard reset the browser and check all related topics. After doing everything it still Unverified.

@1NhC5mvB6yQcNENpK4dH Sorry you’re having trouble with your verifications. Please make sure that your proofs look the same as in our FAQ. All must be public, have exactly the same copy as in the prompts from the browser, and cannot be deleted in order for verification to work.

Also, please be sure to copy/paste the correct social media links to verify. For example, the Facebook link needs to be in the format You can get this by editing your post, sharing it publicly, but then clicking on “embed” and then “advanced”.

is there any possibility to re-verify my social media accounts?
because my blockstack ID had changed and I wanted to verify my social media accounts with my new blockstack ID, for sure having the same soial media accounts that were verified with my “old” blockstack ID. Any idea for that? Thanks!

Hi, If you have a new Blockstack ID, you should be able to verify your social media profiles the same way you verified your previous ID, described here. Please note that you’ll have to make a new, public verification with the same copy as in the prompts from the browser for the verification to work.