Need development help building a professional service marketplace on Blockstack

Hello everyone, hope I could get some help from developers here. I want to build a professional service marketplace on Blockstack. In 2016 I launched CountUp - marketplace helping startups find & work with licensed accountants online. Here are some features: accountant creates an account, fills in profile, selects service specialty and location, client submits a request for service by answering customized questions based on service type, request goes out to matched accountants, accountants send their proposals back to the client, clients and accountants can exchange messages, share files, make payments (Stripe integration). Platform itself is not being used much since we initially developed it because clients and accountants are very hesitant sharing sensitive financial data online which is why I want to see if we could rebuild CountUp on Blockstack. I’ve curated over 400 licensed accountants that we could use to sign up with Blockstack’s new professional service marketplace and we’ve services thousands of businesses with an accountant from our network. This would be a good opportunity to onboard a good amount of licensed professionals into Blockstack’s ecosystem. Im not a coder, I’m responsible for UX/UI and operations so I am looking for interested developers to help me. Any developers here want to see if it’s possible to reuse what we’ve already built with CountUp (built in React)? Here’s a link to our staging environment:
Message me and I’ll share what I’ve done so far on Github.