Namespace Creation with BTC

@jude @aaron, it seems creating a namespace now can only be done using STX. Is this true? And if so, is this an oversight seeing as how only accredited investors currently have STX?


Yes, this is true. It was intentional that it exclusively requires STX. However, it is not our intention that only accredited investors can buy namespaces – we’re working on the legal side of things to make it easier for people to get STX in order to buy namespaces (and in the future, deploy and run Clarity smart contracts).

Thanks, Jude. That’s a bummer. I don’t know for sure that I was going to need/want to create another namespace, but not having the option makes things less decentralized than they were before for everyone.

Seems like when the testnet first rolled out, it was possible to fund namespaces with btc or stx. I understand the need to switch to stx at some point but was there a technical requirement that made the switch necessary before stx are available for the general public?