"Nameless Person"?

Why does it say “nameless person” on some of the Blockstack apps? Is it becuase I havent bought a username?

@flashconcept You can add your full name to your profile and save. Instead of “Nameless Person”, your name should then appear in apps that you sign in with Blockstack.

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I did that and it wants me to pay with bitcoin. I am unsure how claiming a name and also applying my name to my profile is different?

@tvance You can add a username and/or your full name to your Blockstack profile. There will be registration fees to register a username (yourusername.id) on Blocksrack, but you won’t be charged registration fees when you add your full name to your profile and save.20%20PM

No, yeah I understand that and did do that. The problem is it still logs me in as “Nameless” everywhere unless I pay for a yourusername.id…and I don’t have bitcoin to do so, so I am slightly stuck at this point as Nameless…

But also, thank you for the quick reply.

Anytime, @tvance. I recommend updating to the latest browser release and trying to do a hard refresh. That might resolve the issue. If you continue to have trouble, feel free to reach out to [email protected].

Hey @tvance — this is a bug – we have a patch in the works here:

This affects logins without a username, which is the issue I think you’re experiencing.

This should be fixed in the next version of the browser, but you can check on that PR to monitor the progress.

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