Name Registration

Firstly, since I’m new in this forum, I couldn’t be sure about the right category for my question. So, I wrote here. My question is during the name registration process in BlockStack, is it possible to register a name with the someone else’s public key or is there any authentication step for public key?

Thanks in advance.

Hey @altuncu,

It is possible at the protocol level to register a name to someone else’s public key. However, the Blockstack Browser does not support this yet. If you want to do this, you’ll have to drop into the command-line at this time and use the blockstack register command. I highly recommend trying it in the test framework first!

Actually, I want to prevent such a situation in my application. So, what I wonder is should I explicitly prevent this or does BlockStack take any precaution against this such as an authentication step?

When you register a name, you get to choose which public key will own it. To ensure that you and only you own the name, you would simply ensure that you and only you own the corresponding private key. For example, the Blockstack Browser generates a new keypair for each name you register by cryptographically deriving it from your 12-word backup phrase. As long as you and only you know your 12-word backup phrase, then you and only you will own the names you register.

Got it. Thank you so much.