My thoughts on user minds

I want Blockstack succeed!

Why. Because I’m a Blockstack evangelist since 2017. I share Blockstack to thousands of people. Blockstack succeed is the only way to keep my reputation.

So I have incentives to do whatever (in my power) to support Blockstack. PR Blockstack is one thing. But imo sharing app ideas/thoughts is good too because in order to Blockstack succeed we must have great apps. And in order to have great apps, devs must understand user minds.

So what’s user minds, do we know what user want?
The fact is most user don’t use dapps. Why? Because dapps is not provide what user want. And it’s not just me thinking this way.

And it’s not just normal people don’t use dapp. Evangelist don’t use app too. I know it. Because I talk with some and they all tell me the same thing “I don’t use it”

Why people love crypto so much?
Because it provide many opportunities. People believe they can make money by understand Crypto. And it’s true. And that’s not even on Crypto. It’s on almost anything. Almost, not all.

Why people use Facebook, Twitter because it’s not only a social network where people can talk and share selfie images. It’s market places where people selling products a lot, it provides news faster than mainstream…

Why people use Airbnb, Uber because they believe it cheaper than other services.
Why people use Netflix, because it cheaper than other services.

I mean monetary incentives is crucial. Most people won’t create website/contents/vids for fun. They did it because they believe they can earn money by doing that in some ways.

Why? because time is very limited. And only rich people have time. Normal people don’t have much times. Working 8h-12h hours per day, we have a few hours left to do many other things. People use money to buy time. So most people don’t waste their time.

When people say create app that can solve real problems >>> what they really mean that app can solve problems and help users earn money or entertained, get smart…

Yes, people will use your product if your product is better than others and better mean cheaper, mostly.

What does cheaper mean?
Cheaper mean spend less time but do more works. Like if you want to have a private communication with others, you may have to use Tor and stuffs to do it. If someone can create a faster way, more secure… people would use it.

Cheaper mean when you wanna comments on political things, you don’t need to create many many accounts because Facebook and Twitter will ban your accounts each time you comments. You have a social network that accept your comments and you never get ban >>> Gab.

Cheaper mean low fees on gambling and no KYC, hard to manipulate the game.

If your app cost people more time to do works and not gain anything that lead to earn money. It’s extremely hard to grow. Extremely hard!

For example, secure an image is good thing for spy agency. And they have real camera with no internet connection, usb and encryption stuffs for that. You see, it cost so much time.

Most people use normal camera app to take pictures >>> it’s already insecure. And we know it. So unless you solve problem at that level…

Send nude photo (private photo) >>> normal app is SnapChat, and it’s a private communication app. AFAIK, it doesn’t store images for long.

Most crypto enthusiasts are investors, traders, gamblers. It’s a fact. So I think app should focus on how to help those people earn/win money. Because that’s what they want.

Gambling app is cool idea. It’s not the best because it’s too obvious. And many many people are doing it >>> you will have many many competitors but you have huge market too.

As you see in the chat, my brother is a gambler and he sold his house for gambling but I still think Gambling app is neutral. I don’t have bias with gambling market.

I think more than 50% crypto enthusiasts are gamblers. And it’s a safe number. Most people don’t know how to analyze market, TA or don’t know how to code… So we have a market place where 50% user want gambling products (could be direct gambling or support gambling = i.e. TradingView)

Some people tell me that I should go for it and create a gambling app myself >>> No, I know R:R is very very low and I can’t win, but you are smarter than me >>> you can win!

Bottom line is again I want Blockstack succeed! and I see many devs spend years building dapp that doesn’t work. For selfish reason, I wanna share my thoughts in here and hope 10% devs change their minds a bit after read this stuffs. And maybe 1% of those 10% create awesome apps and probably beyond my imagination.

Many people have thoughts very same as me. But no one share it to you because doing this cost a lot…

I wish you the best even you think my thoughts is BS.


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Blockstack will live or die based on the Dapp devs they attract to the ecosystem. I think app mining is an interesting concept but the jury is still out on if it’ll attract the type of talented, long term developers that’ll create a killer app that’ll cause people to use Blockstack in their daily lives.

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