My support Blockstack website will got expired in July

In 2017, As Blockstack supporters - me and my friends build which is always on top Google search with any Vietnamese keywords. We pay all the costs.

The website will got expired in July. And we believe that Blockstack PBC should support the website to keep it alive because it has a lot of Blockstack information in Vietnamese and always on top search tools.

What do you think? Do the website deserve money support? Or it belong to us and we should pay money to keep it alive?

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At least I would setup some kind of crowd funding campaign so that it the funding can be decentralized as well…

What about adding a Blockstack login to the site by end of this month and get 500$ for the #dontbeevil hackathon. The user could bookmark their preferred information or customize the landing page or something like that. Let me know if you need help.

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Yes, we are very happy to give the website to Blockstack community. We just don’t want it die. But it’s not fair to us keep funding the website. It’s for Blockstack. Why would we keep paying the fees?

That’s amount of Blockstack’s information in Vietnamese is quite valuable. Because most Vietnamese don’t know English well. And they could learn some basic stuffs about Blockstack there.

I don’t know how to do this. My team member can do it but he say no, he don’t wanna to do it. Personal, I spend $10K to promote Blockstack, all my friends combine spend at least $5K. Yes, I received back some money from Blockstack PBC rewards and supports. But it’s less than $5K.

Me and my friends are Ok with the result because regardless anything else, in the end our friendship is stronger than ever. With our skills and resources we can build other things ( like BAMCARE Ltd. )very well in Vietnam.

With Blockstack, we love @Gina @larry Stealthy, Graphite and many many you guys. We love Blockstack community very much. But everything has limit though >>> It’s not fair!

Anyhow, it doesn’t matter anymore >>> Point is we was helping something that we believed it could improve our society.

Analytics Vietnamese search keyword “blockstack”

We have two links on top #2 and #3 traffic.