My STX tokens did not unlock this month

my tokens have not unlocked for this month. I have both old and new wallets installed on my desktop. They do not show in the old wallet (Stacks wallet 3.0.0). They do not show in the new wallet (Stacks wallet v4). And they do not show on the STX explorer. Usually, My tokens are in my wallet by this date every month. The balances in both wallets and on explorer are the same as was posted last month. Except that stx wallet v.4 shows the balance was transferred to Okcoin.

Things I did differently this month:

  1. downloaded stx wallet v.4 installed and transferred tokens from 3.0.0
  2. transferred token balance to OKcoin
  3. uninstalled stacks wallet 3.0.0 from desktop
  4. reinstalled stacks wallet 3.0.0 to desktop when unlock did not happen

Hey @packhunter, mind sharing some more info for us to look into, such as the address? Feel free to email me [email protected] if preferred, thanks!


Experiencing the same issues, it appears that the pattern of unlocking tokens around the 18th of each month has been disrupted. @Gina what would be the new monthly unlock dates for Stacks 1.0 tokens?

Hey @vysegrad, we’ve received reports of this that ended up being confusion with the UI of the new explorer vs the old one. Folks have been expecting tokens around the 18th, but actually received the unlocked tokens earlier in the month. The unlocked amount in the legacy explorer should reflect the same value as the unlocked amount in the new explorer. Here is the old explorer where you can enter your address and check against the graph of tokens unlocking against the new explorer as well:

Let us know if this helps, and please feel free to email [email protected] with more information & your address if this doesn’t resolve things! :slightly_smiling_face:

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