My stacks address doesn't show in Browser

Hi @jude , I’m a little worried that the stacks address that was created by my stacks wallet doesn’t show up in the blockstack explorer.

I needed to pass this to buy stacks last thursday, so I’m (very) worried that it is not registered properly.

Here is what I think: Stacks or only distributed with the hard fork. If you haven’t done anything yet with your address than the network does not yet know your address. When you make a transaction with that address it should show up. Creating the address on your machine is not enough to make it known by the network…

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As long as the address shows up in your wallet it will be valid. An address doesn’t need to be registered anywhere, it’s simply a representation of the public key derived from your private key. Addresses with no transactions currently don’t display anything in the explorer. This is something we can fix.

I understand, @friedger, @yukan. I haven’t made any transaction yet, so that makes sense.

What I find odd, is that I funded the wallet with some bitcoin - to pay for gas - and that doesn’t show in the wallet, while the documentation tells it should. I used the bitcoin address generated by the wallet and that transaction is confirmed…

If you click on the settings button (gear icon) in the wallet, you can see the BTC fuel balance.

Hi @yukan, I looked past it. It is displayed as text next to the “Add BTC” button. I think that could be a little better, UI wise.