My social media ID is staying unverified?

I have posted a link with code to three different social media accounts. But all of them are saying unverified… is this normal? When will they be verified…?

I’m facing a similar issue. I tweeted, it was verified and then I deleted the tweet and now it shows unverified. not sure how it works

I have posted to all of them, but they stay unverified even with the posts staying active.

Bit odd.

You shouldnt delete the tweet.

Did you fill in “username” and “URL”?

I’ve been having the same problem. I filled in all the fields for each account and left the posts up, but only Facebook was verified. LinkedIn, Twitter, GitHub, and Instagram are all “unverified”.

Also the verification status on my IDs Settings page in the BlockStack browser (Mac) doesn’t correspond to the status seen on the ID info page for my name on Blockstack Explorer:

On the Blockstack Explorer page all my social accounts except for linkedin are verified (at time of writing this), while on the IDs settings page in the BS browser I actually have linkedin verified, but hackernews, facebook and instagram are not.

How can this happen, isn’t that information stored on the chain? Is this possibly a perfromance+cache issue that will correct itself when caches update as the chain verifies…?