(My) Proposal for App Mining

I like the comments from jehunter in Proposal for App Mining.

I also like the proposal to follow more the worker proposals fund of EOS or better the better working fund of eosdac:

Instead of mining apps as a whole, the funds should be used to mine app features. Developers (or users) can make a proposal of work on an application. Then these proposals are rated and the top proposals receive funds to execute the work.

App (proposal) reviewers should receive remunerations depending on the successful completion of the proposals. So, they have an incentive to vote for good proposals only.

Publishers/developers shouldn’t receive more funding if previous tasks were not completed successfully.

The ranking of apps as it is now can still be used to find proposals for “good” apps.


This seems like a pretty good idea. It is basically a recurring gofundme/kickstarter in regards to projects or features. It would be up to the judges to make sure the features are being worked on/have been completed, but otherwise it’s up to the people to fund it.

Maybe call it something else than app mining… decentralized feature funding? Democratized Sponsorships? something like that.

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