My Onename identity seems to be expiring, what is the easiest way to renew?

I registered a name a long time ago, in the first weeks that Onename began. On the explorer, it says that it expires on block 489247, which is about now. Must I pay to renew it right away? I only have a 12-word passphrase for my name and I couldn’t get to import it in the Blockstack browser. Must I wait for the “name transfer tool”? What must I do to keep my name?

@Yes The latest hardfork added a 5000 block (~30 day) grace period for name registrations just like ICANN. The name can be renewed at any point during that period. We will be sending out an email with more information on how to transfer your name to the blockstack-browser later today or tomorrow.

Hello Jack,

Do you now have the information on how I can transfer my name? According to your answer above, I expected some news about that last week. Thanks in advance.