My new Blockstack ID username

Just created a Blockstack account and ID at 7:19pm this evening. It said then that my ID username of was being registered. Just checked my Blockstack account and my username still isn’t showing, and it’s well over 2 hours never mind 1. See screenshot here.

It takes a while for registration. Yours is correctly registered by now:

Just checked my Blockstack account now, and I can see that my username has registered.

To shed some light on this process - we perform registrations in batches so it’s reasonable that there could be a small delay from when the id is created and between the id being available over the network.
The delay is also dependent on how many registrations have been requested - once we get to a certain threshold we send them all (this applies only to an id with a subdomain like
If you were to register an id of something like, and provide the BTC payment for that registration, it would happen much more quickly.