Must create new user when installing Blockstack on second computer

I have Blockstack installed on my Mac laptop. Now I installed it on my Mac desktop, but when it launches, it puts up a non-dismissible startup dialog, saying “Join the new internet. …”, with two choices: “Get Started” button, and “Restore an existing keychain”. Neither of these seem to have the effect of allowing me to sign in with the identity that I already created via my Mac laptop. Surely I don’t have to have different users when signed in from different computers! Please help.

Hi, you want to use “Restore an existing keychain”. It will then ask you to input the long keychain (series of words like “ball fish clown harp…”) that you received when you created your account on the other computer.

It will also ask you to generate a new password. This is the part I don’t understand too well but it seems like your keychain is more important than your password, as the password keeps changing and is only relevant to each “session” on a new browser while the keychain is constant.

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@1CijrpuXm2m54xWCrYfN is correct. You select the “restore” option and input your seed phrase. That phrase is all you need to access your account. The seed phrase is really a cryptographic private key in human-readable form.

The password is the thing that encrypts the seed phrase on your local machine. You’ll need to enter your password when performing some actions (like buying a new Blockstack ID).