Multicurrency Neo dapp ( wallet+accouting ) for gig workers/freelancers

This project has been submitted at Multicurrency Neo dapp ( wallet+accouting ) for gig workers/freelancers 路 Issue #39 路 stacksgov/Stacks-Grants 路 GitHub also. Re-posting here for wider reach :slight_smile:



The current payment system is completely broken for gig workers and freelancers. I talked with tons of freelancers and projects owners across south-east Asia and India.
The three biggest pain point faced by them are :

  1. Difficult to track incoming/outgoing digital assets, especially for gig workers who are in crypto.
  2. Currency interchange cost: whenever there is an international transaction, there is at least 5% fee
  3. No recurring platform for crypto assets

The problem above was discussed mostly by the project owners living in the West and freelancers working from South East Asia and India.
In fiat ecosystem, there are Xero, QuickBooks for maintaining accounts. But these are mostly for business owners not for gig workers or freelancers. For the international transaction, they use transferwise and banks which are eating lots of transaction fee.

A small attempt has been made to solve this problem in HackDefi project( FiStack | Devpost )

Project Overview


Provide a multi-currency accounting-wallet where the sender can send any crypto through stack dapp. This will support multi-blockchain. The user won鈥檛 be worried about the base layer blockchain. In fiat ecosystem, you can compare with Brex, Revolut where international transaction and accounting both done.

This dapp will include

  1. The wallet would be multi-currency supported to send and receive digital assets in any blockchain layered platform.
  2. It will be integrated with the accounting dapp. User can see the money sent/reive and perform basic functions of accounting app.
  3. Added functionality like recurring payment will be made in the next iteration.


The end product would include a multi-currency (crypto) wallet with primary accounting feature. The goal is to make it usable by freelancer/gig workers for tracking, sending/receiving money most cheaply with good UX.


  1. User Login in the system,
  2. Top Up their wallet.
  3. Store & Send/Recieve the crypto.
  4. Maintain personal accounting portfolio.
  5. Sechdule the payment (extended feautres for next round of application)

Success will be measured by deliverables and users onboarded. First four features should be done in terms of product development. Get feedback from beta users and improve it. At the end shill the project with stack network and onboard users.

Budget and Milestones

I am seeking for 5000USD grants.

Time Duration: 135 hours in 7 weeks.
One hundred hours of dev work; 20 hours of community testing and development. Total work is divided into 4 phases.

The first phase (10 days): Wireframe, UX, Multicurrency wallet development work and test with early users which I have talked during customer validation.
The second phase (15 days): Develop basic accounting app for crypto and integrate with first phase work.
Third phase ( 10 days ): Test with coumminty and early beta users. Get feedback and work on improvement according to their feedback.
Fourth phase: (5 days): Shill the project in community with stack foundation and work on adoption.


Two people ( Full-stack person and designer )

Ankit (Full-Stack): Participated in HackDeFi, built Fi_Stack and worn 3rd spot.

Other person skills will be to work on the design. Ankit has filtered out some designer and took help one of them in the project.
During 4th phase need help from stack community to assist in marketing and adoption for broader reach.


Accounting is challenging for many users. Non-finance people are not comfortable in using even Xero,QuickBooks.
This project goal is to build sleek UX by which any individual can do accounting/manage finance. While doing so, it requires some multiple iterations. Because of this, I have dedicated some extra time in the second and third phase.

Community and Supporting Materials

I have been involved in this segment form the last two years. Freelancer/Gig-workers always feel the need for this product. They are using some product in similar vertical in the centralised system, but for decentralised there are none.
Yes, there is a couple of work done by me in the same theme in the past. Due to link limitation by the forum, I can鈥檛 post all link here. But I have included all the relevant link on the GitHub issue page.