Moving from "default storage" to dropbox or drive. Or redundancy?

Is it possble to change default storage for my How about setting up for redundancy in 2 or 3 storage providers? What if i already have files in there? Stealthim or graphite docs?

Hey @mario,

As far as I know, the only other storage option that works (I think) with Blockstack right now is a Heroku deployment that uses AWS. @jackzampolin built this, but I now cannot find the github repo with the instructions for use.

Graphite has a built-in integration with RemoteStorage for data replication in Docs and Sheets. This replication is enabled on a per-file basis right now. If you open a doc or sheet and click the menu icon in the top-right, you can choose Remote Storage. This will allow you to connect to an existing RemoteStorage provider or go set one up.

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