Mobile web authentication

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I was wondering if it’d eventually be possible to login with Blockstack from a (progressive) web app on mobile? For example, you’d go to on your iPhone using Safari and you want to login with Blockstack.

Will there be like a Blockstack app which we can link to using a URI scheme (eg. blockstack://)? Or do we have to build a custom iOS app and use the SDK?


Currently, if you build such an app using blockstack.js and initiate authentication, the app with route to the default hosted Blockstack Browser ( after failing to find a mobile app installed with a custom Blockstack protocol.

It’s possible that Blockstack PBC or the community will build mobile authentication apps one day that will handle those protocols natively, and you’re certainly encouraged to build one if you have the interest. But we as a company don’t currently have any prioritized plans to do so.

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Oh cool, I didn’t know there was hosted Blockstack Browser. Thanks! :blush:

Here is the blockstack browser packaged for Android as an installable app: