Mobile Development using React-Native

Our team is starting work on our mobile app and we are considering using react-native. We are not really sure what other teams are using and also how we can use the Blockstack iOS and Android SDKs with react-native.

Does anyone have ideas and experience on how we can go about this? Thanks for the help

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There’s a pull request open for react native support in the iOS SDK that you might want to take a look.


I have been following the steps that are documented here along with what was done with by Michal Ciurus in the pull request here.

However, I cannot access the modules in react-native code under NativeModules. It looks like the modules are not being linked to be accessible. Specifically, I have a module called BlockstackNativeModule that is implemented in BlockstackNativeModule.m and with a header in BlockstackNativeModule.h as done in the pull request. AIso, I installed the Blockstack pod. However, NativeModules.BlockstackNativeModule is returning null.

Any possible things that I might be missing? @shreyas @yukan

We’re working on native/Objective-C support now, but I do not have enough context to answer your question at the moment. The Stealthy team has gotten React to work though, @prabhaav do you have any ideas?

We tentatively plan to create an example react native app in the next couple weeks for Android. Here’s a tracking issue:


@larry what would it take to have a blockstack sign-up/sign-in in the app itself , instead of redirecting to ?

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Sign in does happen in the app itself. It occurs in authentication-specific web view components in your app that isolate the users’ secrets from your app.

Hi @felix did you find a solution on how to make the sign in work with react-native? Trying to make it work and running into null land. Thank you in advance!

Hello @felix,
ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library maintained by Meta. It is an admiringly operational & feature-rich platform which incorporates different libraries like Redux, Relay, React Native, & many more.

ReactJS has a plethora of valuable features. So you can definitely consider it for mobile app development.

You can read this blog, hopefully it helps you understand the framework: