Missing username

I have been using the Blockstack browser on Firefox, but I wanted to try using the Brave browser. I set up Blockstack browser with the secret phrase and all information is there: identity address, photo, full name, bio BUT not the username. I can see the username in the browser on Firefox, but not on Brave. Any ideas why?

What web page URL address are you talking about?
https://browser.blockstack.org/profiles/i/all <-- ?
try refreshing the page a few times.

both https://browser.blockstack.org/profiles and https://browser.blockstack.org/profiles/i/all In Firefox I can see my username niklaslarsson.id on those pages, but not in Brave. There i instead see “Add a username”. Is there a timelimit on the usernames?

Does it work with the Chromium browser? Just to test if the problem is specific to Brave or not.
I use Chromium on Linux and have found it to have less problems with Blockstack apps than Firefox.

I tried it on Chrome and Safari and I have the same problem as with Brave. Interestingly enough, when I click on “Add a username” I get the option to search for it “niklaslarsson.id” and it offers me to buy it for 0.001525 bitcoins while I can get “niklaslarsson.id.blockstack” for free. Does that mean that somehow I have lost my username “niklaslarsson.id”? Why is it then visible in Firefox? I can see it is the same identity address on all four browsers.

The explorer shows you registered this ID in Jan. 2018 and *.id names need to be renewed before the 2 year time limit. You are past the grace period for renewal so just re-register the ID.

Ok. Thanks! But still weird that it is shown in Firefox. Maybe some caching issue? Anyway, I will re-register!

Thanks for the help! Appreciate it!