Missing profile information

Hi, when I go https://explorer.blockstack.org/name/davidtiezzi.id. I get a message that says “No profile information available.”

Also, when I search using the my david tiezzi.id address (https://explorer.blockstack.org/address/1Q9tqS87f8UnCmZ7PimtxC58ZkQqGfurF5) I receive a webpage the says " Not Found! Sorry, something seems to have gone wrong.This explorer only has visibility into confirmed transactions. Please use a BTC explorer like blockchain.com to search for unconfirmed transactions."

Any ideas on why this is happening? Is this a zone file issue?

Your name expired a while ago. You’ll need to go re-register it. If you use the same seed phrase (or same owner key, if you used the CLI), your profile will be restored. Your signed profile is still online in the Blockstack PBC Gaia hub here: https://gaia.blockstack.org/hub/1Q9tqS87f8UnCmZ7PimtxC58ZkQqGfurF5/0/profile.json

Thanks Jude, What is the best (and easiest way) to re-register without using the CLI? I was searching the forum and found https://renewmyblockstackid.info but when I put in my id, it responds with "name not found (or is expired), which of course makes great sense since it is expired! Appreciate your assistance.

Hey @davidtiezzi.id, you would just use the Blockstack Browser to go re-register it using your current seed phrase. In the ID panel, you should see your ID-address as ID-1Q9tqS87f8UnCmZ7PimtxC58ZkQqGfurF5, and you should see an option to add a username to it. You’d follow that link to set the username to davidtiezzi.id. Note that you’ll need some BTC loaded into your wallet, since on-chain names (i.e. ones that look like DNS names) require sending a couple of Bitcoin transactions to register.

Thanks Jude, okay when I go to the blockstack browser I already have the davidtiezzi.id associated to the address and I do not see any links. Here are screenshots:

Hmm, can you try resetting the browser (settings -> reset browser), and re-entering your seed phrase? That should clear out any expired names.

Okay, still running into issues. below are the screen shots. Also not sure if this matters but this was originally a OneName ID and I had problems moving it over to BlockStack.

Hi Jude, quick update - just tried this again and was able to add davidtiezzi.id to the address. No errors so far - it currently says “name registration in progress.” Thanks again for your assistance.

Hi @jude, the good news is that when I go to https://explorer.blockstack.org/name/davidtiezzi.id my profile information is now showing. However, I’m am still getting the error message when I search https://explorer.blockstack.org/address/1Q9tqS87f8UnCmZ7PimtxC58ZkQqGfurF5. Any thoughts on this?

Just a question… I used my id also a lot of time earlier… Simple to much happens in crypto industry, and I can’t follow everything :slight_smile: I try to do, but I have also constrained time. But, I would like visit my old id, and I can’t. I registered me again with my old secret phrase and I got an acc, but this acc forgot all my data’s. I stored my data on dropbox earlier. I searched dropbox, and I foud a simple json data there. I see, blockstack using already an another way to store data. I would like to use my old data, my old json file. It seems me, this file storing everything (maybe my bitcoins also - I hope) what I left on Blockstack. Can you help me, please…

Hi @ifinta ,

I hope you are doing good, and welcome to Blockstack!

Can you be more clear on what you are looking for ?

I really doubt your bitcoin json file are stored there, however, is it quite tricky to thief your wallet and you should not worry too much about it.

I suggest you to ask or talk to a Moderator about this or to modify your post.

I see my old id (I hope), but what I got in the re-registration, wasn’t this id.

But on the dropbox, I found my ifinta.id 's profile.json…
This is a big plus for blockstack ideas, I should express. I store my information, I can save it well.
But… But the re-registration wasn’t enough clever from my side? Or I should do something?Screenshot_20200202_123539

Any true hints?

I creating a new post…