Missing profile information after upgrade

I have noticed that I am no longer getting users’ full names and image URLs when calling blockstack.lookupProfile. I suspect this may have happened after upgrading to blockstack.js 18.2.1, but also that may be a coincidence.

Just tested rolling back to 18.1.0 and still no name/image information, so that wasn’t the cause. What else causes this profile information to be omitted?

Have you tested the raw profile.json file for any of these users? If you look them up using the names endpoint from core.blockstack.org, you can check to see if the profile data is actually there.

I checked for my own ID and the information was also missing from profile.json, so then I went to https://browser.blockstack.org/profiles and saw that the information was missing there too. A few days ago, I added a photo, added my name and connected Facebook, Twitter and Github; it seems that those changes have been lost.

Hey @djnicholson, I’m really sorry you’ve run into this issue.

I suspect it may be related to this issue (which is what I’m working on fixing right now):

If it is related to this issue, it would be caused by:

  1. Logging in to your profile on one device
  2. Logging in / restoring on a second device
  3. Adding profile information on the second device
  4. Logging in to an app from the first device

Unfortunately, the current state of the browser is such that it doesn’t sync information that you may have saved on a different device before updating your profile in some cases. Thus, you can ‘overwrite’ your profile.

If you don’t think this was caused by what I’m describing, feel free to let me know. Regardless, I don’t think this would have anything to do with the version of blockstack.js you’re using.

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Hi Hank. That makes sense. I had been testing my own app when logged in from multiple devices add had inadvertently hit your repro steps.
– David

Did this issue ever get resolved? I recently ran into the same problem.