Minor Network Changes and DNS Updates on January 16th, 2024

Hiro is making minor network changes to manage our services better. On January 16th, 2024, we’ll update DNS records for most of our services, which may cause a brief disruption for less than a minute and should resolve itself quickly.

In addition to DNS updates, the public testnet seed port will change:

  • Testnet seed: 20443/20444 to 30443/30444

Action Required:

If running a testnet Stacks node, please make sure to update the bootstrap_node ports used in your Config.toml

bootstrap_node = "029266faff4c8e0ca4f934f34996a96af481df94a89b0c9bd515f3536a95682ddc@seed.testnet.hiro.so:30444"

Failure to do so may result in connectivity issues.

If you have any questions, please reply to this thread or reach out to andy0135 on Discord.

Thanks for your cooperation!


This change has 2 open PRs, one for master, and one for develop: