Mining STX post Nakamoto

I am trying to understand how the Nakamoto release will impact current STX PoX mining. Before PoX STX mining is rather concentrated and I have read some studies on why it was not possible to expand miners. But I remember there were some discussions about STX PoX miners become more decentralised and expanding miner pools etc. Is there any update on this ?

Disclaimer that work is still being done on the exact design mechanisms of Nakamoto, but as it stands now, in Nakamoto, stackers will have an additional responsibility as signers, and part of that is participating in the mining process. That’s the big change to how mining will work from an operations perspective.

As far as decentralization, there is work currently being done on a decentralized mining pool, but that is not part of the Nakamoto release itself, but that will be a big step forward in encouraging decentralization.