Mining Contest Update: Ending Early & New Prize Structure


  • Ending the contest early - 10pm HKT December 30th, 2020.
  • New Prize Structure - everyone who successfully spent tBTC to mine receives 100 STX. 100 additional STX tokens for every block won by a miner. Spreadsheet with data and reward amounts will be shared within the next 24 hours.

Hi everyone! This update will also be sent out as an email. The participation over the past week in Part 1 of the mining challenge has been staggering. While we have been overjoyed to see over 1600 people register, this has also come with its own problems, as many of you have experienced. The private Krypton test network was not meant to handle this level of load, and is no longer the best way to gain experience for mining on mainnet. Especially now that we’re so close to launch. Because of this, Daemon has chosen to end the contest early.

The contest will now end at 10pm HKT December 30th, (not January 4th, 2021).

We realize this is a sudden change, but we feel it’s a positive and necessary one. The resources from the community, Hiro Systems (formerly Blockstack PBC), and Daemon can all be better used preparing for the imminent mainnet launch, rather than trying to fix issues on the Krypton test network.

The new prizing structure will reward every participant who successfully got a miner up and running on the network. A base reward of 100 STX will be given to everyone who successfully spent any tBTC in order to mine. In addition, an extra 100 STX will be rewarded to participants per block that they actually won. A spreadsheet with the results for each address, and the STX reward for each will be shared via email in the next 24 hours. Our goal with the new prizing structure was to be fair to everyone who took the time to participate, despite the challenges faced.

Daemon will be reaching out by email to each participant who earned a reward individually to gather payment information and send over the tokens.

If there are any questions or concerns, please reply to this message or email [email protected]. Thank you.

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