Minimum requirements for stacks nodes?

Hi, I started running a stacks node inside docker a couple says ago on a VPS with: 4GB RAM, 2 core
and 80GB storage

Within a couple of days the drive filled up with /tmp files with the chainstate I guess

8.0K    /tmp/stacks-node-1653487302401/mainnet/chainstate/blocks/ad72/1c88
8.0K    /tmp/stacks-node-1653487302401/mainnet/chainstate/blocks/ad72/e3fb
20K     /tmp/stacks-node-1653487302401/mainnet/chainstate/blocks/ad72
8.0K    /tmp/stacks-node-1653487302401/mainnet/chainstate/blocks/6f7c/94e9

Am I just under-provisioning and I need to run a nodes with more storage? Or is there something not cleaning up temp files I need to look at?

80GB is more than enough.

How much space is on your /tmp? Is it part of the 80GB, or is it a tmpfs, or is it its own partition?

Also, are you logging the output somewhere? The debug logs will grow a lot faster than the chainstate.

Yeah I had BLOCKSTACK_DEBUG=“1” and RUST_BACKTRACE=“full”, I should have noticed