Miners being awarded 2000 STX

Hi there,

I was just checking out Onstacks and I noticed some miners win 2,000 STX as a coinbase reward while the majority of others get only 1,000 STX.

Is this normal?

SP3N197ATFF403XPAGHS05A1ASA7W74C0ZGB59BJ6 | Block #72267
SP3N197ATFF403XPAGHS05A1ASA7W74C0ZGB59BJ6 | Block #72246

Edit: I noticed that it’s these 2 miners that repeatedly get 2000 STX and make up over 60% of the miner distribution.


Yup, that’s normal. If bitcoin block B has no Stacks block, then a Stacks block mined in B+1 gets to claim the coinbase that would have materialized in B had there been a Stacks block mined in it. This is a liveness feature to ensure that even if the BTC/STX exchange rate becomes large, it will always eventually be profitable to mine STX.