Miner Extractable Value Issue (MEV)

Hi Everyone,

This is my first post and question in the forum. I searched the forum and the internet but could not find a good answer for my question. So here it goes:

I read a Twitter thread about the danger of MEV for Stacks: https://twitter.com/coryklippsten/status/1599856807123554316?s=20&t=9cga6DIMRknRwO6rz8b5kw

Setting the defamatory statements in the Twitter thread aside (which I don’t care about at all.), I am curious if the following statement is correct:

If x% of BTC miners run STX nodes, then there is a chance of 100-x% that there may be a BTC yield for stackers.

If the statement above is not correct, then why is it not correct? If it is correct, are there any potential remedies for this? Where can I read about them?

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