Migrating a *.id.blockstack ID to a different Gaia Hub

How are you supposed to update a subdomain-ID’s ZoneFile, if you own it? (Or do you even own it as it is managed by the name itself, in this case id.blockstack?)

I can see in the CLI there is a register_subdomain command, but is there a possibility of an update_subdomain command?

This is supported by the subdomain protocol, but the subdomain registrar doesn’t yet broadcast zone file updates for subdomains (the code simply isn’t written).

However, any on-chain name can broadcast a newer zone file for an off-chain name. For example, you could:

  1. craft a zone file for michaelfedora.id that includes a newer zone file record for michaelfedora.id.blockstack,
  2. send a NAME_UPDATE for michaelfedora.id
  3. broadcast the zone file

To do so, you simply create another TXT record like the one that encodes your .id.blockstack name, give it the next sequence number (the seqn= field in the TXT record), and sign the record with your private key. You can see a working example in this integration test.