Messed up ID's

Hello everyone,

My ID’s are all messed up, now I can’t find all of them, eve if I add a new address. Can you please tell me which ID’s do I own because I don’t really understand the ecosystem a 100%.

This is my wallet address since I don’t know what to use to look for them in the explorer



Hey — sorry you’re running into issues — it looks like your wallet address funded names for the following identity addresses — do you see these addresses in your blockstack browser?


These addresses own a variety of different names — you can look them up e.g., on

If you see those addresses, but you don’t see any names, you’re likely experiencing a bug where a background API daemon process crashed, which leads the browser to think that addresses which actually own names no longer own any names. Our next release of the browser won’t depend on that background daemon, which should solve that problem. In the meantime, if you use the hosted browser version ( by restoring your keychain there and adding identity addresses, you should be able to see your names. A preview of that release (v0.28.0) is also available at

Side note: the way I found those addresses was by looking at the bitcoin operations for that wallet address which have a 5500 satoshi output, which means that they are likely blockstack name registrations. A simple script will output those addresses:

$ curl > /tmp/outputs
$ cat /tmp/outputs | jq '.txs | .[] | select(.out[1].value == 5500) | .out[1].addr' | sed -e 's/"//g'
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Hey Aaron,

Thanks for your quick reply. So I have made a browser reset and cleared history from Safari. This is what I did and what is happening:

  1. Reset browser
  2. Cleared History in Safari
  3. Installed new Blockstach preview
  4. Restores from previous keychain
  5. Went to my ID’s and only one is showing (known issue)
  6. Added new address and here is where everything is messed up.
  7. the new address shows with no name, I do a page refresh and the name now show, so I keep going adding the next address and now a new one is created, one that I never owned before. So I keep adding new addresses and some are the ones I used to own and some are new. So in order to see all my owed ID’s, the system keeps adding new ones in between.

Here is the example. The ones wit no name are new that I never owned.

Those new IDs are due to a bug fix — we were previously (incorrectly) skipping some indexes during address generation, so when we fixed that issue, the browser now uncovers previously unknown addresses. (More info on that bug here: