Meetup Group in Tokyo

Hi folks,
I’m quite new to blockstack but I thought about starting a meetup group in Tokyo. What do you guys think? Is that okay? Is there requirements that I need conform to


Hello Omassoud,
A couple of avenues to pursue might include:

  1. Visit this site to learn about the various Blockstack Meetups happening around the world -
  2. Visit this site to learn more about becoming a Blockstack Community Evangelist -
  3. Reach out to @ryan (Ryan Shea) or @patrick (Patrick Stanley) at Blockstack
  4. Reach out to @dant (Dan Trevino) - the organizer of Blockstack Portland - to gain a bit more insight on what he does re: meetups.
    I hope that helps.

We’d love to have you start a meet up group in Tokyo! I’m happy to come out to talk at one of your meet ups too. (I’m “nearby” in Hong Kong).

Will ping @clintnelsen and his team to help you get started.

Thank you very much will do,


That sounds amazing.

Great to hear that you are in the region. Looking forward to your reply on how to setup.

You can get started by filling out this form here and they’ll get in touch with you :smile:

Cheers Larry,