Medical records blockstack and gaia

Hi. I study civil engineering (not informatics) and I am doing my final research work. My project is “integration of blockchain technology in health service (medical record or medical licenses). In my country there is a problem with the cards since they are not distributed (the insurance providers are the owners then and this generates logistics costs for sharing this info). Now I have made a prototype in hyperledger but the problem is to insert large data (images, documents, etc.) in the blockchain due to its limited capacity. In this system the participants are: the users (owners of the card), the doctors and laboratories that can insert the information in them and the asset to be transferred is the card. What I wanted to know is if this can be created in blockstack and gaia and if it is possible for me given my level of programming. and how I could do it if you have a recommendation. This is to make A prototype.

I’ve been working on a similar project:

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