"master_private_key" from 2017 CLI wallet

I have an old backup private key created from an early version of a Blockstack CLI version but I don’t know how to extract the BTC I have in my wallet…the private key looks like the following:

"master_private_key": "Jd242kfjj24ekf3223jesdkhefsfhk324wuefhw38fhrypofhtr34d342132d34jsd49",
"wallet_password": “kljsef9832nkfssf”

The problem is, no modern wallets accept this type of private key…

Maybe I can download the old wallet to my computer, import my private key, and send the BTC to another wallet?

Sure, try doing that and let me know if it works, otherwise I recommend asking this to the Blockstack team

I believe you may need this CLI: https://pypi.org/project/blockstack/