Lost STX transfer

Hi - I recently made a transfer from Okcoin to Coinbase, and Okcoin says the transaction was completed successfully, Coinbase cannot locate. Can someone help me? Neither side is being helpful, much appreciated

Coinbase appears to have had an outage due to the recent Stacks network upgrade. From the messages here it appears they knew the upgrade was coming but still ran into some issues likely while attempting to upgrade their nodes to the latest version. I would ask you to check this website for when they mark the issue as resolved and then check to see if your Coinbase account reflects the accurate amount.

Thank you very much. Does timing of transfers during an update tend to cause issues of delivery, or just delay?

Generally it should not.

If I have to speculate, I would say their status messages indicate that Coinbase did not plan on this well in advance. Ideally, they would have upgraded their nodes well in advance of when 2.1 was considered active (like most network participants did). So now, they just need to catch up and then will be able process all pending transactions. I am merely speculating on what could possibly be going on. I have no direct or indirect information on this apart from what is listed in their status website.

Thank you for the information. I have a similar problem. I transferred some STX to Coinbase on 3/19/23 from my Hiro wallet address. Stacks Explorer shows the transfer as confirmed, but it is still not showing up in my Coinbase account. I hope Coinbase can resolve this soon.