Lost my ID (Onename -> Blockstack CLI -> poof)

Hi there,
so once upon a time i bought/registered my ID claus, back then on onename, Somewhen later i transferred this ID “to the blockstack CLI” (i am not sure if i use the correct terminology, but i remember it was a CLI tool, and i believe it was called blockstack). I believe i once tried to update that CLI tool, which resulted in the tool ceasing to work. I think i can verify that it was transferred to Blockstack by looking up my ID in the explorer (at the time of writing this greets me with a Cloudflare 502 though). I since bought a new computer, so now i have the “Blockstack Browser” v0.21.3 installed, and no access to my previously bought and transferred ID (it asks me to create a new one).
So the question is, how can i access my ID “claus” that i bought and then transferred to “Blockstack CLI” in “Blockstack Browser” on my new computer? I do have access to my old computer yet. They are both Macs. Anyone?
PS: The Blockstack Browser seems very buggy. When i open the browser console i see a lot of errors, i can’t buy a new ID (get’s stuck on “buying…” - i have enough BTC in my wallet), it doesn’t seem to persist the name i enter, and i can’t redo verifications that i screwed up. Not sure if that’s only me.