Lost many data on my blockstack account

I have a kind of old Blockstack account (created more than 2 years ago). I didn’t use a lot in the meantime.

Using the Blockstack browser, I recently re-logged in from my initial web browser (Chrome) and everything was fine. Then I signed in with Firefox (using Magic Code + password) where most of the “identity data” disappeared. The only data I had right was the identity address and the wallet.
I had to re-set data like twitter and github verification or avatar.

More importantly, I currently still have my username (name.id) in Chrome, but it’s not in sync with Firefox (or any other browser) and when I click “add username”, I can check for my existing username, that I can register for 0.001525 BTC, which I already did two years ago.

Any idea what I missed or what wrong?


It looks like your username expired. Usernames with .id expire after two years and need to be renewed.

Your data is still accessible with your seed phrase because the data is not linked to your username but to your cryptographic keys. You should be able to login to your apps event without a username (if apps support it).

Alright thanks a lot, I did not know about the expiration :+1:
So there a small bug on expiration as I still can see on the browser I used at the time, must be stored locally somewhere