Looking for help to build a digital identity / reputation management application for millions of lawyers globally

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I’m looking for help to build a platform to establish a global registry and an easy to use application that enables legal professionals to build, own and maintain a lifetime digital reputation that is traceable, transparent and secure in the blockchain. I have no technical skills but I know the legal market very well. Further detail of my concept, which I call “LextID”, are set out below …

A successful legal career is founded on reputation and expertise management. Trust and integrity are at the heart of the lawyer-client relationship and underpin the rule of law.

LextID will be a unique and persistent digital identifier that ties together and interconnects the expertise and credentials that a legal professional builds over the entire course of his or her career, from graduation through to retirement.

LextID will be the world’s first registry to enable lawyers in any jurisdiction, at any stage of their career, to build and maintain a lifetime digital reputation that is traceable, transparent and secure. LextID will distinguish each legal professional and provide automated linkages between all aspects of his or her professional work to create a holistic and verifiable digital portrait, ensuring that legal qualifications and expertise are accurately communicated, fully recognized and easily accessible for other lawyers and clients.

Key drivers of a successful professional career include:

• Building deep technical knowledge and practical know-how in one or more practice areas
• Establishing a reputation for being an expert in particular areas
• Winning and maintaining the trust of clients
• Competing effectively to win new business
• Getting promoted

Success is built upon many hard won achievements and a strong and consistent track record over time.

The types of data items that lawyers (and other professionals) typically utilize to build reputation and trust include:

• academic qualifications
• career history
• professional affiliations
• research projects or published materials
• blogs and social media posts
• media comment or coverage
• client references
• peer references
• word of mouth
• involvement in major transactions or litigation matters
• geographic experience
• carefully crafted CVs, LinkedIn profiles
• awards
• honorary or Board appointments
• Government advisory or Committee roles
• pro bono work
• teaching
• mentoring

Effectively owning, maintaining, managing and optimizing this diverse range of data is challenging, particularly in the digital world.

LextID will help individuals knit it all together, enabling this range of reputational data to be securely and comprehensively captured and updated in a single digital record, tied to a unique ID, over the course of a lawyer’s career.

Each lawyer’s unique LextID identifier will be automatically and permanently registered in the blockchain, along with his or her profile record data as it evolves in order to ensure complete security, persistency and reputation self-management.

Each individual has complete control over his or her LextID profile, including the extent to which it is made available publicly, or to current/future clients and other 3rd parties. Additions or changes to profile data can only be made by the LextID holder.

LextID registration would be available at no cost to qualified lawyers, judicial officers, general counsel, paralegals, legal academics, law students and legal knowledge workers in any jurisdiction.

In addition, Lextable will make LextID available to legal organizations such as law firms, corporate legal departments, law faculties and government legal entities.

There will be no fee for individuals to register for a LextID and use the platform to establish and maintain a career profile. Users will potentially receive Lextable currency (LXT) upon registration and have the opportunity to earn and spend additional LXT as value is created and utilized within the network.

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