Looking for a developer and partner for a DApp


I have been working on the idea an design of a DApp to connect professional authors/artists with art-users directly.

I am a senior author myself, and I have worked with artists from different fields, especially classical musicians. The DApp addresses many of the problems that professional artists have been enduring so far on the web2. It’s time for many of them to use the web not only for promotion but to make real deals with their digital files. Moreover after the Coronavirus crisis, many artists (especially performers) have to face the impossible return to their past experiences in the physical world which have been suspended and whose future is still undefined. The informations and news I get about new rules in auditoriums… are really concerning. Therefore, it won’t take long for many professional artists to consider adopting the web as a main source of income, and I would like to be able to provide a good service to make it possible, avoiding all the abuses they have been facing from intermediaries in the past. I think we could provide new opportunities for artists that were not possible so far.

After some research, I have managed to shape my idea and design a basic first prototype on Adobe XD. But unfortunately, I am not a technical person and I need to find someone who is highly technical with a background in blockchain, blockstack, and dapp to help make this app a reality. If you’re genuinely interested, please let me know.

If you prefer you can contact me on this email: [email protected]