Login to account from different computer?

Hi, so I setup my blockstack account on my work computer, purchased an ID and it is all setup. Now I’m at home and want to access my ID from my home computer. How do I go about doing this? I tried to restore with my pass phrase but when I get in my account is totally reset. No ID, no username, no nothing… What am i missing? thanks

I had the same issue, I’ve noticed its not synced to an email or anything. I think it is intentional. I could be wrong tho.

Hi @cardeo - you need to use your recovery seed (series of phrases like “rabbit chair harp light”) to create a new session with a new password for your home computer. Think of this seed as your real “password” and the “password” as just a temporary key which will expire when you start a new session. I’m not an expert but this is what I have figured out so far.

This makes sense I guess… I’m still having a hard time understanding all of this

Thanks for the reply but that is exactly what I did. I entered my recovery seed, then my password and was redirected to my profile page which was empty. I had previously purchased an ID and added some social accounts to my profile, an avatar, etc…

This has happened to me, but eventually the right ID would come up. Might be worth going to http://localhost:8888/account > Settings > Reset Browser and re-entering seed phrase. Either way, it is definitely a bit buggy and very confusing for new users.

You can check if the ID has been registered correctly by going to https://onename.com/[ENTER ID HERE]

Thank for the tips, I can see my ID at that link, I’ll try resetting the browser like you mentioned

Yep that fixed it! Thanks again

No problem, lots of trial and error for everyone here!

i’m having this same issue and nothing is fixing it. very frustrating. i’ve reset the browser multiple times but still don’t see the username i chose.