Login Issues / Lost Profile Info


Note - as a new user I am only allowed 2 links per post, so I edited the below to accommodate that.

I set up my Blockstack ID on 1/24/20 from my phone, and proceeded to set up my profile, picture, bio, etc. I also setup a second Blockstack ID for my company, Absorbing Chaos, and added some of the same info.

In trying to access the same account from my laptop at the office, I ran into some weird issues, and it appears I have lost my profile information. Here are the steps I took and the results:

  1. From browser (.blockstack.org), I tried to recovery my account using the magic recovery key.
    • I was asked to create a password instead of enter one, although I didn’t realize it the first time as I was copying/pasting from my password manager. I entered my original password into both fields, and I was greeted with a blank profile.
    • I was asked to enter an email address, which I did, but the info that showed up looked incorrect/incomplete like a brand new account (no user name, no pic, no bio, etc).
  2. From browser (.blockstack.org), I reset the browser, and I tried logging in again with the magic recovery key. It asked me for a new password again, so I canceled.
  3. From browser (.blockstack.org), I logged in using the Magic Recovery Code, and it restored my blockstack ID. I was able to access it and the related apps I set up (Lander and SpringRole), but my core account info was still missing.
  4. From my phone, where I originally set up the account, I viewed the identity page in browser (.blockstack.org). My profile went from filled in at 50% to 0% and the info I entered disappeared.

I am using Vivaldi and Vivaldi Mobile, if that makes a difference, otherwise I am at a loss for what I did wrong. I even reviewed the info in the docs and it appears I correctly followed each step. (hxxps://docs.blockstack.org/browser/ids-introduction.html)

I am also concerned that I will be unable to recover my secondary company ID that was linked to whoabuddy.blockstack.id (absorbingchaos.blockstack.id), or that I will lose the information entered there as well.

When I search on Blockstack Explorer my results are not encouraging, either:

Please let me know if I can provide any additional information, I would hate for this to happen to anyone else!

Best Regards,

Saw that this issue has already been answered by Jessica in Discord. Hope everything is ok now.

Hi Louise!

Thanks for jumping on this one. Yes, the question was answered, but the answer was just to rebuild the profile.

I’m not opposed to this - but I am still curious what happened. I tried accessing browser (.blockstack.org) again today and I think I see what might have been part of the problem.

When I originally set Blockstack up, I started with my personal ID, whoabuddy, then I set up the business ID for absorbingchaos. I added some profile info and a picture for each, and set the absorbingchaos ID to default since I will likely use this technology more for work save the occasional personal app.

When I was trying to log in on 2/3/20 from a new machine, I was trying to recover the account using whoabuddy.blockstack.id, which was no longer the primary/default account. Could that potentially cause this issue?

Admittedly, I am a bit confused on how the account / sub-account relationship works, and it appears I only have the magic code and recovery key for the first one I set up. Is that correct?

Today I switched from the whoabuddy identity that no longer had info to absorbingchaos, and found that my picture, bio, and twitter account were all still linked. It appears only the whoabuddy ID information was lost.

The weird part is that the info shows on my dashboard, but Blockstack Explorer still shows no info for my profile. Screenshots below.

Also, after realizing the password can be different per device (in the Discord discussion), could there be an issue using the same password on two devices? That inadvertently happened when pasting from my password manager, but I feel like it shouldn’t be an issue.

WAIT A MINUTE - just noticed one more thing, and I wonder if this has happened to others. I am mixing up the format of the blockstack ID!

It’s not whoabuddy.blockstack.id
It is whoabuddy.id.blockstack

If I use the correct version both work in Blockstack Explorer. :man_facepalming:

I’ll be this could be related to my sign-in issue, too. Ah, gotta love how it’s the little things sometimes!

I would still like to dig into why my whoabuddy profile reverted to 0%, but now I realize that some of the errors were definitely on my side. Let me know if there is any other info I can provide to assist, and I will plan on rebuilding the profile in the next few days.

Best Regards,

This happened to me yesterday too. Lost my profile info for my id (brad.id) and had to re-enter it and re-auth my Twitter social-id post. This is the second time this has happened. I have no idea why, nor how to debug the problem if it happens again.