Locked stacks token from 1.0

Hi all,
I found an old wallet with some stacks that were originally created with version 1.0 (or at least I believe so).

What does it mean that there are locked tokens? How is it possible to unlock them? I don’t see any option on the Stacks Wallet to unlock tokens and also looking elsewhere I din’t get any relevant info about this.

Here it’s the address for reference: https://explorer.stacks.co/address/SPQ40TWB0NFQSFR479Z7DCNMD6JDKQ2P1EQHGVEK?chain=mainnet

Thanks a lot for your help!

Hey there, STX sold in past token sales might be subject to transfer or time locks as outlined here. You can read more about the types of locks that apply to the different sales of STX tokens here. Hope this helps!


Thanks Gina, this is very helpful!

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