List of Blockstack articles

I’ve been meaning to post a list of Blockstack articles somewhere. Most of these are interesting things written by people who’re not actively involved with the project (yet). Here is the list:



Jesus Rodriguez wrote about Blockstack:

Some parts I found interesting:

Even though there are many blockchain application developer platforms in the market, Blockstack seems to be laser-focused on assembling the right infrastructure building blocks for the implementation of decentralized web applications.


we can start envisioning the building blocks that are going to be needed to power the decentralized web using platforms such as Blockstack.

And he goes on to list networking, browser, search, storage, identity, CDNs as some of the core components.

I’m not sure that these are the core components that I’d list (I’d certainly include a subset) but identifying market leaders/monopolies like Google for search and Akamai for CDNs is an interesting way to think about what components will be needed for the decentralized web.

Edward Bukstel wrote about healthcare apps using Blockstack:

I totally agree that Blockstack’s storage model works well with healthcare data, where certain (HIPAA-compliant) data stores can be plugged in (just like Edward updated the Blockstack architecture to insert them).

Dated April 21, 2018 by @Kitsana

Dated November 12, 2017 - Stack tokens in depth

Dated November 6, 2017 - Nice explanation of the whitepaper

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