Linkedin Verification

I have the same unverified status for linkedin everything else A ok.

Same problem as these other users. Please let me know how to resolve this issue. Thanks.

Same here for both LinkedIn & Twitter account. More detailed info for verification will help.
Also since it is public post, it affects someone who wants to do research.

Solution and correct way to verify is: in your linkedin post click on “Copy link to the post” and paste that link in verification section. It will work.
Tip: Don not past this link ""
Correct way, It will look like “

Same for other verification through twitter, github.


I have been having the same problem with my as well, tried twice and followed all instructions making the post public but never got verified

@jackzampolin here are the details, just tried again today:

ID: 1J52d8QdYWKxi5djaSisxmjGKcSqteBauD (

LI Link:

Clicked Verify, did hard refresh, nothing worked

Thanks @ShankarGanesh_PJ

also the same problem is for me:
I cannot verify my linkedin profile

Same problem, LinkedIn will not verify, twitter, FB and GH all succeeded.

Hi @R_I_Porter,

Thanks for reporting! There has been an issue with LinkedIn’s verification that is still open. Our developers will have to take a look and provide a fix, potentially in the next release. CC @yukan

I’m sorry for the inconvenience. If you’d like to remove your LinkedIn profile for the time being, you can click on “Edit” in your Blockstack profile, then click on the little edit pencil next to the LinkedIn logo, remove your information, and save.

It does not work for me, I already removed and reentered information. The post is definitely public at:

My address is 1NHP69DEeuSh23XAUzLquKLXY6AFVKL5Rm

Can you give me some hint?

Linkedin verification is broken, looking at the Github it should be fixed in newer versions of blockstack.js, although some have considered removing it entirely, but is should be fixed when the blockstack browser updated it’s blockstack.js version.